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Perfect afternoon snack

George's King of Falafel has been a late night Georgetown staple since my college days.

Post-bar hopping it was the perfect place to stumble in and order one of their sandwiches like falafel, shish taouk, shwarma or shish kabob, or a decent cheesesteak before heading home.

These days I'm more likely to stop in George's after a yoga class for a quick bite. The guys working the counter are pleasant, and they assembled the sandwich pretty quickly. It's better when the falafel are freshly fried, and this is more Lebanese-style falafel than Amsterdam Falafel Shop or even Maoz's.



Georgetown's "King of Falafel" seems humble compared with the swanky Four Seasons Hotel across the street. That's part of the appeal. It's a great place to take a break from the limos and late-night mayhem, serving up excellent falafel sandwiches for $5.95 and, for the big eaters, shish kebab platters for $10.95.


"That Philly DC Hybrid beat anything Genos or Jim's Steaks on Southstreet would serve anyday. If you don't"

Review by john on November 10, 2011

Best middle eastern restaurant in town. they have delicious shawarma

Local Reviews: What our happy customers say

Good place while visiting Georgetown, so many other places to eat but when you crave falafel this is it!
Marty R., San Jose, CA (Yelp)

_Awesome sandwiches and falafels..  Had my first one today and it was great!!
Rio K., Arlington, VA. 3/18/2011 (Yelp)
_I love Falafel but am almost always disappointed in the states. Last night I decided to try George's. After reading some of the reviews I didn't expect much. So glad I stopped in anyway! The Falafel sandwich was as close to the real thing in Israel that I have had. Unlike other reviewers I felt that the sandwich was very nice size with 3 large balls in it. I skipped the radishes and turnips and went with lettuce, tomato, onion and tahini. The wonderful thin pita was delicious with some crispy edges and when kept in the foil wrap as I ate it held together pretty well. The Falafel was cooked perfectly to also have a slight crisp to them and seasoned beautifully with a tiny kick of spice.  I devoured the sandwich! This sandwich rocks!
Lola F, Laurel, Md, 2/27/2009 (Yelp)

Ate here after a concert at the Kennedy center. Since they called themselves "the king of Falafel" i just had to try the falafal.  It was decent, more of a snack than a meal.

The place looks a little run down, but what i did like was the 2nd floor.  There are a few tables downstairs, but if you walked up the winding staircase, you reach a nice area upstairs.  when you come at night, turn off the lights, and the neon lights outside make it seem like a retro disco club. kinda funny and cool place to hang out and chat with friends.
High F., Alexandria, VA

_Last year, when I lived in the Morg, I was spoiled by Amsterdam Falafel. This year, I've gone to my favorite falafel joint a few times, but as much as I love it, it's simply not worth it for me to navigate a gauntlet of out-of-town, 2nd tier-frat boys EVERY time I crave "Israeli-style" balls. I *miss* falafel, but I'm too old (and my taste buds are too function-y) for Quick Pita, so I often find myself feeling wistful...yet not wistful enough to deal with the clusterfuckery of 18th street.  Enter George's King o' Falafel, my potential savior.

I had just finished a grueling workout-- I include that so you know how hungry I was (and so you pat me on the head. Aren't I good?  I'm good.) With most places closed after 10pm (WTF, DC?), I was grateful that George's was still open...except I was wrong-- they had closed seconds before. Despite my tardiness, they didn't turn me away.  Can I get an "Awww"? That was nice of them. I'm not used to that kind of service in D.C., not when I'm a stranger preventing people from wrapping up and going home for the night.  I immediately knew that I would

a) review them for Yelp
b) recognize such kindness.

I ordered the falafel sandwich, with some tzatziki (not included).  It wasn't bad; I liked the pickled beets and the falafel. I didn't care for the super-thin pita, but I am fully aware that *I* might be responsible for the disintegration of my sandwich, since I asked for a yogurt sauce in addition to the intended tahini.

Whatever.  It was tasty and it'll do in a pinch. I wasn't really full after eating it, but that might have more to do with post-gym starvation than anything on their part.  Well, either that or I just wanted to undo all I had achieved at WSC by horking down a delectable Baked and Wired cupcake for no good reason after a perfectly nice dinner. NB: I'll edit my review later (and add a star) if I find myself randomly craving another go with King George-- that's how I know something is truly yummy.
Anna J., Washington, DC, 1/13/2009 (Yelp)

_I had the shish ta'wok sandwich, which was great - very well seasoned chicken and veggies wrapped in a pita. Delicious. My buddy had the super 12" double meat cheesesteak, which he also said was delicious. It was huge too. Both were cheap as well.
Andrew W., Washington DC 4/15/2009 (Yelp)


Excellent falafel sandwiches
Georgetown's "King of Falafel" seems humble compared with the swanky Four Seasons Hotel across the street. That's part of the appeal. It's a great place to take a break from the limos and late-night mayhem, serving up excellent falafel sandwiches for $4.95 and, for the big eaters, shish kebab platters for $9.75.
Washington Post Going Out Guide
_I'd rate this place high!
Lets start off the new year with a nice little spot in GeorgeTown, Washington DC. Right on the edge to be specific. This little place is a dream for lunch time warriors trying to find a place to grab a quick bite. Care for Falafel, Humus, Shawarma, then don’t hesitate to add this place to your list of lunch time spots.

But the best of all is something that you wouldn’t expect from this Middle Eastern style restaurant. This place is home to one of the stalwarts of any good eater. The always good Cheesesteak. And not just any cheesesteak, this one is right up there with being one of the best in town.

I happened to stumble on this little restaurant when I was in need to fill a lunch time craving. The inside is somewhat small, only having some counter space with stools and about four or five tables. They have outside seating, you can kinda see it in the picture, and also some seats upstairs. The staff is very friendly and very quick. They cook the food right in front of you so there’s no running back and forth to a kitchen. There’s also no real wait staff, you normally get your own drink from the fridge behind the register, but that really helps to speed things up.

Their menu is mostly Middle Eastern except for the wonderful steak and cheese. For those extra hungry people you can go for the “SUPER 12″ and get a double size. Can ya guess which one I get?

They also have this incredible spicy sauce that they put on their tables. It comes in a nice squeezable bottle and you can drench your food in this very tasty and very spicy sauce. I highly recommend it. I tend to go overboard but why not!

I don’t really have a rating system yet, or know if I should even use one, but if I did, I’d rate this place high. If you need a quick cheese steak fix, stop by, you won’t be disappointed.
Food in DC Blog by Allen, 1/11/10

_Had Georges for the first time the other day. We took our food to go and had a cheesesteak, a falafel sandwich and hummus. Both sandwiches were great and do was the hummus...but they didnt give us any pita to eat it with. I assumed it comes with Pita, but i guess next time we will order some.
Katelynn C., Norman, OK  12/11/10 (Yelp)
_They should rename it King of Cheesesteak!  They mince the meat up real nice and toast the bread for their own unique twist on the American favorite.
BJ G., Vienna, VA  11/1/2009 (Yelp)
_In my drunken wanderings in Europe (as Izzard says, "where the history comes from."), I usually ended the evening at four a.m. wrapping my mouth around a shish kabob sandwich. On this side of the pond, in an land of heroes, there's shaved spam. I'm not putting down spam (who doesn't love shoulder and butt -thanks for the correction, Lester!- with lots of salt in an adorable can?) but I like my meat in slightly bigger chunks. King George's (that's what it should be called) delivers a teeny Continental feeling in a town aglut with footlongs.  The townhouse is rickety and icky in that old world sort of way. I've enjoyed sitting upstairs and peering out the windows as I devoured pickled beet salad and other finger delights.  It's a dive. Long live the King!
Mikkela, Arlington, VA (Yelp)
_a very nice family restaurant with great middle eastern food !
I had dinner with my kids in the upstairs sitting and the food was delicious.
Caty G, Washington, DC, 2/10/2011 (Yelp)

I used to go here occasionally for lunch when I worked nearby. Always a tasty dependable meal with decent sized entrees (not small, but also not your American buffet of excess). I came back the other night for a quick bite to eat on a rare jaunt into Georgetown on a Friday night.  I thought my meal was quite tasty. A shawarma sandwich and a diet coke hit the spot quite right, and I was moderately hungry.  The service was incredibly friendly. The guy who took our order was very patient while we made up our minds. After our meal, one of the guys behind the counter asked me how I liked the shawarma. Tasty, indeed.  It's nice to avoid the pretension of Georgetown in this homey little dive. Stop in!
Michael H., Washington, DC, ,12/10/2007  (Yelp)